Nivmas - Crystallizing Dreams | Graphic Design
A radically new approach to creative thinking, Nivmas constantly explores ways to capture people's imagination and transform them into reality. A company founded on the values of Love, Kindness, Humility and Honesty. Nivmas aims to reinvent the future of business and its impact on people's lives through its services. By riding on the advent of new media and innovative commercial frontiers, Nivmas operates on two platforms: Nivmas Multimedia & Nivmas Graphic Design.
Graphic Design, Image Manipulation
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Graphic Design
About This Project

Giving their clients an idea of the finish product. Providing them a before and after look of the client’s choice of flooring material.


Forestry Timber Resources specializes in flooring using wood that is planted for the production of natural rubber as the base for their products.


What did Nivmas do for Forestry Timber Resources?

Image Manipulation
Image Enhancement